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Ich habe noch einen Koffer in Berlin, 2010

“I still keep a suitcase in Berlin” 2010

This work was created to be presented at Neukölln 48 Stunden, 2010. The project created by the artist rosa mesa is divided in three parts, one of them is this blog where stories from people were collected. The other was a sound piece to which people will have access from this blog that compile stories that people sent the artist and the last part of the project was an installation also presented at Neukölln 48 Stunden with photos and a video taken by the artist.

Due to the complexity of the project only some parts of it could be seen in this blog.

“The project creates an image of the city of Berlin through the memory of the people who has lived or journey through it, of the artist and of the audience. It validates collective memory as one of the ways to create meaning and reflects todays diversity in the nieghborhood where will be presented”

In this ocassion this lyric from one of Marlene Dietrich´s songs (a german folk song) implies that is always a piece of us that remains in the places where we have lived or journey and that we take with us always a memory.
Also a german and himself an immigrant the text of Tucholsky will enter the installation space:
"Es is sehr schön aus Deutschland zu sein, es ist sehr schwer aus Deutschland zu sein"

The piece will compile my own impressions of the neighboorhood of Neukölln through video and photographic snapshots. This will be the vision of a newcomer.
I will also invite people that have been living or journeying the city to send me a small memory of , an event, a description of a place or an anecdote. With these stories I will compile a Cdrom, in German, read by me.

The installation

The photos

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